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Spring Flowers for your Wedding

Spring Wedding Flowers


Spring is a popular time for weddings due to the warmer weather, bright sunny days, and the flowers that are in bloom.  No matter what your wedding colors are, Spring wedding flowers can compliment them.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 flowers for Spring weddings.

1.  Peony.  This lovely flower is suitable for all wedding colors, with its soft and pastel colors, you can’t go wrong with this flower.

2.  Rose.  The Rose is popular among many women as their favorite flower, but did you know that you can incorporate it into your bouquet or decorations?  The Rose comes in many colors, even rainbow.

3.  Sweet Pea.  Are your wedding colors white and Lilac, or a variation of purple?  Add Sweet Pea to your wedding flowers for a touch of color!

4.  Lilac.  Weren’t we just talking about Lilac?  This type of flower is popular among Spring weddings due to the wonderful smell and color.

5.  Tulip.  Nothing screams Spring like the Tulip!  Tulips come in a variety of beautiful colors that will add a Spring flair to your wedding.

6.  Magnolia.  This Southern flower is a smash hit this Spring at weddings.  If you want sweet Southern charm and elegance at your Spring wedding, go with the Magnolia.

7.  Iris.  Another popular flower in the Spring, the Iris has made its way into the bouquets of brides.  Want to add the wow factor to your wedding?  The Iris will wow your guests!

8.  Calla Lily.  Lily fans, rejoice!  If your favorite flower is the Lily, this type of Lily is suggested for your Spring wedding.  We suggest trying other types of the Lily also.

9.  Daffodils.  This budget-friendly flower will blend in well with other flowers in your bouquet without breaking the bank.  Throw in this flower with another favorite flower, and you’ve got flower power.

10.  Wisteria.  The color combination of purple and white makes for a knock out of colors in your bouquet!  Wisteria complements many flowers that are on this list and with the draping feature of the flower, it helps to fill in gaps in the bouquet.

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