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Wedding Cake Tips

Wedding Cake Tips:  10 Ideas For Easy Planning

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of any wedding, it’s the confectionary celebration of marriage!  When it comes to picking out a wedding cake, you must be attentive and make notes of what you and your future spouse agree upon, down to the fondant color and flavor.  Here are 10 helpful tips to you have the perfect wedding cake!

  1.  The earlier, the better.  The minute you get engaged, start thinking of ideas for your wedding cake.  Did you know that depending on where you have your wedding, your cake may or may not make it to the reception.  Depending on the icing you choose, heat can wreak havoc on it.  If your wedding is in a cooler month, you may choose an icing that normally wouldn’t do well in the heat.
  2. Take on social media.  Facebook, Pinterest, The Knot & Wedding Wire are incredible resources to help you find ideas on the perfect wedding cake.  Ask other brides for ideas and what they did to achieve wedding cake bliss.  Social media is full of ideas and people willing to help you through the walls of fondant and rivers of icing.
  3. What’s your style?  You think about the style of clothes you wear, the style of your hair; but have you thought about the style of the wedding cake?  When thinking of the cake you want, think about you and your future spouse’s style.  The wedding cake reflects who you both are, let it shine on your big day!
  4. The confectionary wizard scavenger hunt.  Talk to your wedding planner about what baker her or she recommends, they know the best bakers for the job.  Take it upon yourself to talk to many bakers, taste many samples and ask many questions.  An expert baker will know what you need for your wedding cake and the ingredients to make it perfect.
  5. The budget.  What’s your budget?  Have you thought about the budget for the cake and how it ties in with the reception, honeymoon and ceremony?  Check pricing on wedding cakes and styling, these influence the price.  Talking to various bakers will help you decide how much to include in your budget for the cake without breaking the bank.
  6. Whip out the paper and colored pencils.  You don’t have to be Picasso to draw the cake that you envision.  Sit down with your love and both of you sketch out cake ideas, 3 or 5 per person.  If you’ve determined your colors for the wedding, be sure to include those in the cake if possible.  Once you sketch out ideas, discuss what ya’ll like.  Sketching your cake ideas will help you come with ideas and help the baker get an idea of what’s involved.
  7. How many people will be attending?  The baker will need an exact amount of people that will be attending the reception in order to bake and design a cake that will feed everyone.  Don’t worry, even if you are having a big reception, your cake does not have to cost a ton of money.
  8. Will the cake be traditional or alternative?  Your traditional wedding cakes are the layered cakes with a subtle taste that everyone usually likes.  Traditional cakes are usually white with a buttercream frosting.  Alternative wedding cakes consist of ideas such as:  cupcake wedding tower, theme cakes, cheesecake, etc.  Make sure you discuss both options with your baker and with your future spouse, along with the pricing.
  9. Don’t settle.  Please don’t settle for a wedding cake!  Yes, finding the perfect baker and the perfect cake takes time, but it’s worth it.  Take the time to think this part of the wedding planning process throughly and it will help in choosing the perfect confection for your special day!
  10. Have fun!  A lot of the time, wedding planning is stressful.  Let this be the part of the wedding planning process where you have the fun!  Grab your hunny and go out to taste multiple wedding cakes, frostings, fondants, etc.  Practice feeding each other the cake, it will help on the big day!  How often can you go out and taste so many delicious flavors of cake without a reason such as your wedding?

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